The Causes of Tinnitus

closeup of a young caucasian man inserting an orange earplug in his ear

Tinnitus is a condition where an individual hears buzzing, hissing or other sounds that causes discomfort. This condition affects at least 20% of the human population. What are some of the things that result to tinnitus? Common elements that can result to tinnitus include ear wax build up, ototoxic medication and hearing loss. Although tinnitus is nothing to cause an alarm, it can worsen with age and the condition can improve with treatment. Go through this article to learn more on what can cause tinnitus.

One of the things that can result to tinnitus is hearing loss. A great percentage of individuals who suffer from hearing loss also experience tinnitus. Hearing loss can be as a result of exposure to loud noise or aging process. Exposure to loud noise always damages the hair cells in the inner ear and because these hair cells are rarely replaced they can lead to tinnitus. Hearing loss due to aging can also result to tinnitus.

Secondly, ear wax buildup is also a cause of tinnitus. If ear wax mounts up in your ear canal, it can affect your hearing ability. Due to hearing loss, your auditory system may recompense for the loss by producing noise that do not exist. However, if you pay an audio specialist a visit early as possible he or she can safely remove the wax build up and prevent this condition from cropping up. Nonetheless, if you take too long without seen an audiologist to cleanup your ears you may suffer from permanent hearing loss resulting to chronic tinnitus.

Ototoxic medication also causes tinnitus. If you take medicines that are ototoxic they always have an effect on your ear or nerve endings. These medicines will result to hearing loss or balance disorder and depending on the dosage of these medications the effects can be temporary or permanent. Some of the medication are said to be ototoxic include certain antibiotics, cancer medication and some antidepressant. As a patient if you experience tinnitus after you begin taking new medication contact the prescribing physician. Learn about what causes tinnitus and more here.

Finally, tinnitus can be as a result of various disorders and diseases. Some of these diseases may cause or worsen the condition. Some of these diseases and disorders constitute Lyme disease, diabetes, Thyroid disease, ear infection and allergies. If you are among the many who suffer from tinnitus you need to avoid some activities that can worsen your condition such as drinking alcohol, drinking caffeine, smoking and listening to loud sounds without protection. Visit .

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